I am a biopsychology student, a Gnu Atheist, a feminist, a huge nerd, and a writer, mostly of fiction. This blog is intended to be an excuse to write something at least every other day, to polish up some of the stuff that is filling up the folders on my hard drive, and to say: hey look, I may be a huge time waster and tv addict, but at least I have the time to maintain a blog!  This is my shinty-sixth attempt at starting a proper blog, though, and if history is any sort of guide, I will probably be distracted by something else in a month or two.

I intend to write about all of the stupid things I get obsessed with, however fleetingly, in an attempt to organize my thoughts somewhat. To give you an idea, in the past month I have been obsessed with baby names, drug laws, Pachelbel’s canon, feminism in Doctor Who, Regency fashion, microagressions, dementia, and the future of copyright laws, each for at least three days. I do try to approach things with a scientific, rational, evidence-based mindset, and I’m really interested in the underlying causes of seemingly frivolous trends and memes.

I also intend to post fiction, occasionally. This may or may not come to pass.

In four months I will be going on a student exchange to Denmark; I expect I will either talk about it non-stop or not talk about it at all. I will try to write as much about the student-exchange experience as I can.


The header picture is two-year-old me with my father.

-Carolyn Jayne Dallimore


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